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     Guangdong Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the marketing company for the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Manufacture Co., Ltd., in order to more convenient service for customers across the country, in 2012 moved to Guangzhou from Shantou Special Economic Zone, the address is 18th floor, Block B, San Yat-sen University National University Science Park, 135 Xin Gang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, and in November got the GSP certification, in November 2014, got the GSP certification at one test. LSPG is the abbreviation of Life Strong Pharmaceutical Group, the English name of Life Strong Pharmaceutical Group.


     2011, the office address is located in the National Science and Technology Park in Sun Yat-sen University, is one of the few enterprises that combine science and technology and sales of the pharmaceutical industry, and in 2013 passed the national GSP certification. Having "Life Strong Pharmaceutical" brand accumulation and sales base, and the pioneering and innovation, our company has rapidly developed into sales of over 100 million Yuan of new enterprises in a few years.

     At present, our company’s main product "Life Strong" series, including the Anti-Inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets, Biliary Tract Stone Relief Capsule, Picrasma quassioides (D.Don) Benn Injection, Stomach Solution, and other excellent products, our products cover a variety of common diseases. Among them, there are 13 exclusive products operated by our company, sales continued to grow stably.

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