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Inheriting History and Creating Future

From a simple workshop-style small factory to an advanced technology of modern large enterprises, from the production of only a few varieties of pharmaceutical plants to be a company more than 100 varieties of products, from an unknown small business to the national pharmaceutical industry renowned 100 top ... ... People from Life Strong have been all the way struggled ahead, made innovation and development, created a new development of modern Chinese medicine, hold up the revitalization of the motherland unassailable backbone.



-Life Strong company's 65th anniversary celebration.

-Two R & D and three patent projects in cooperation with relevant professors of Guangzhou Medical University.


2015Year-access to "Shenqi Hypoglycemic Pill" HPLC standard fingerprints and the construction of military methods to" patented invention license.


-Having six utility model patent applications and got authorized. Yixin Pill, Stone Remove Pills, Zhu Bei Cough Relief Pills, Jinshan Stomach Tablets have been identified by the high-tech products in Guangdong Province.

-Pharmaceutical companies successfully passed the new GSP certification.



-Anti-inflammatory Biliary Tract tablets, Shenqi hypoglycemic tablets, Baohe Stomach tablets and other products are recorded into the 2013 version of the National Essential Drugs directory.

-Small capacity injection have gotten the State Food and Drug Administration new version of GMP certification. In August at the same year, including tablets, pills and other 11 formulations passed through the new GMP certification in one time.


2012YearIn 2012, Guangdong Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd have operated officially in Guangzhou, a symbol of new step for Life Strong.

2011Year2011, Guangdong Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd founded.

2009YearIn 2009, our company’s marketing headquarters moved to Guangzhou.

2004YearIn 2004, passed GMP certificate after relocation of factory.

2002YearIn 2002, with the approval of Shantou Municipal People's Government, Guangdong Shantou Pharmaceutical Factory and Shantou Overseas Chinese Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were reorganized into Guangzhou Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shantou Ph.D. Ou Xiantao took as CEO and general manager for Guangzhou Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

1997YearIn 1997, Shantou pharmaceutical factory of Guangdong Province was awarded by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as "the state-owned Chinese medicine enterprises 50 companies".

1992YearIn 1992, Shantou Pharmaceutical Factory of Guangdong Province was awarded by the National Bureau of Statistics as "the top 100 pharmaceutical companies."

1989YearIn 1989, was awarded by the State Council Enterprise Management Committee as the "two state enterprises."

1978YearIn 1978, the constellation of Chinese herbal medicine refining plant changed its name to Shantou pharmaceutical factory of Guangdong Province.

1970YearIn 1970, the successful development of anti-inflammatory biliary tract tablets, a national initiative product.

1968YearIn 1968, the second generation of Life Strong Chinese traditional medicine doctor Ma Yuanxing successfully develop Andrographis, which is the country's first product.

1951YearIn 1951, the first generation of chemical master of Life Strong staff returning back to hometown: Fu Shangrong, Lin Yiyuan, pharmacist Wu Shuping led 39 employees to establish of the constellation of Chinese medicine refining plant.
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