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Company Profile
Guangdong Life Strong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 1951 which is located in the beautiful coastal city - Shantou City, Guangdong Province. After more than half a century of development, the company has a modern large-scale production base of GMP standards and the most advanced 12 kinds of formulations production lines, nearly 1,000 sets of equipment. In the research and development, production, operation and management of the staff team, 40 percent of people have professional titles, including more than 100 people have senior titles and registered.

As a large-scale modernized pharmaceutical enterprise successively appraised as "China's 500 largest industrial enterprises", "Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises", "National Top 50 Chinese Proprietary Medicines" and "High-tech Enterprises of Guangdong Province", the products are complete, having tablets, pills, small-volume injection, mixture, granules and other 12 formulations of 102 national medicine prospective name products. " Anti-inflammatory Biliary Tract Tablets ", "Free Biliary Tract Stone Pill", "Stone Remove Pill" and "Brain Pill" and other seven products won the national excellent title; , "Yixin Pill” “Zhubei Cough Relief Pill", " Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees " “Angelica Pills” and other nine products were awarded as excellent products. "Life Strong" trademark is awarded by the "Guangdong Famous Brand."

Always adhere to the science and technology as the guide, high-quality development, our company adopted independent research and innovation and scientific research institutions and cooperation in the same way, the development of the formation of biliary drugs, cardiovascular drugs, pediatric drugs, gynecological drugs as the core of the top ten high-quality pharmaceutical production series, and become China "the expert on biliary tract medicine."

Always adhere to market-oriented, the implementation of technology marketing, the leading products of the company has become Life Strong tree on the market. "Life Strong" brand "anti-inflammatory biliary tract tablets" take the first share of national market for eight consecutive years; "Life Strong" brand "athletes relax liquid" is the only product of the same trade name "milk cool" out of the country.

"Leading the global pharmaceutical industry, health to each family" as a lifelong vision of the enterprise, will hold the great banner of independent innovation, promote the spirit of enterprise "World Health, Serve Country", adhere to the "virtue and harmony" , Seeking truth and being pragmatic, struggling and fighting, promote enterprises more secure, more solid, more sunshine, more healthy development, "revitalizing the country medicine, the benefit of mankind" to contribute their wisdom and strength.
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